With two group fitness studios, Fitness One offers classes for every level. All classes are first-come, first-served, so please show up a few minutes early. Some classes at the main facility require numbers as indicated on our schedule. We hand out numbers starting one hour prior to the class start time.


Click the images below to view the full class schedule and descriptions. To download for a better look, right click on the image or press and hold until you see an option to download.


Highlighted Classes & Upcoming Workshops


Stretch in Motion

11:45 am - 12:45 pm

Studio Fit 1

Calm your mind and body with Stretch in Motion, which is a series of choreographed stretch routines that increase flexibility and range of motion, while improving balance and posture and relieving stress. 

Drums Alive®

12:45-1:45 pm

Studio Fit One

Using rhythm as the source of inspiration to discover a new group fitness experience, Drums Alive® combines the benefits of a traditional physical fitness program with the brain affected benefits of music and rhythm. Drums Alive® is a program that fosters a healthy balance physically, mentally, emotionally and socially! Join a class and experience how it provides an element of fun and creative expression.


5:30-6:30 pm

Studio Fit 1

This class is divided into three segments to incorporate cardiovascular, weight-bearing exercise, strength, core and stretching to improve and develop your energy level and tone your muscles.

Drums Alive® Golden Beats

1:15-2:15 pm

Studio A

Golden Beats stimulates people whether they are young or old, healthy or ill. When we drum and dance, we are having FUN! This, in return, releases endorphins and releases negative feelings. The rhythmical patterns of the drum increase synchronization of brain-wave activity, which provides feelings of euphoria and improved mental awareness and self acceptance. Golden Beats® is specially designed for the senior population.